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Free Estimates on Dog Waste Cleanup Services in Winnipeg & Brandon

Our dog waste cleanup service starts at only $16.00 per backyard per week, with no contracts to sign. We offer free estimates and discounts to seniors and to clients with physical disabilities, including clients who are visually impaired and require the assistance of a guide dog. We are certain that you will find our fees reasonable and our work second to none.

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We are more than happy to offer Senior/Disability/Guide Dog discounts. Just ask!

Please note that all Spring Clean -Up & 1x prices are estimates; Scoopy Doo prefers you give us a call at

204-955-5406 or 1-844-726-6793 to get a more accurate price for your yard.


Regular Weekly Cleanup

(Per weekly visit, within city limits, GST not included)

Spring Cleanup

We send 1, 2 or maybe 3+ professional, uniformed service providers who will pick up all waste, take it away, and triple-check your yard.

After 24 years in this business, we know what a dog(s) can do over a winter’s season. Scoopy Doo realizes that every year and winter season can be different.

**The prices listed on this page are not cut in stone…they are “guesstimates.” We very often go below our “guesstimates” and will never go over without the customer’s approval.

Every year, we have hundreds of returning customers because of our fair and honest pricing. Our GREAT REVIEWS can tell you that!

With this in mind, please call....

204-955-5406 or 1-844-726-6793 as the prices are based on YOUR yard. 

The disinfection service starts at $20 and is based on the size of the area that needs to be disinfected.


One-time Cleanup

Free Estimates

We would be more than happy to give you a free estimate on a one-time cleanup or vacation service. Just call us at





The “Bark About Us” Referral Plan

Because our business is built on word-of-mouth being one of the best ways to obtain new Scoopy Doo customers, we offer the following program to our regular weekly clients:

If you refer Scoopy Doo to someone who signs up for our regular weekly services, you will receive one free cleaning for each referral! There is no limit to this referral program! Once the referred customer pays their first invoice, your account will automatically be credited with one free cleaning!

Gift Certificates

Be an original!


For a unique gift, give freedom to a dog owner from the worst chore. Give a Scoopy Doo gift certificate!


Christmas and Hanukkah

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Moving? Welcome to your new home! Arrange for Scoopy Doo to "doo" a final clean. We got this !

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Effective Waste Removal

Enjoy a safe, clean yard.

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